Surfing in Medewi is suitable for all level of surfers and the point break is legendary as being the longest left on Bali. However it’s best to learn the basics before paddling out to the point so you’ll enjoy it and learn proper technique and etiquette. Luckily there’s more than one spot here to surf and we know several hidden gems.

Surfing Medewi


The dry season is the big wave season and is generally between May and September. The swell can reach 6-10ft on the bigger days and 4-6ft on the smaller days. The trade winds play a role during this time and can cause some side shore conditions.  Be advised though that you should be in good shape to really enjoy the bigger surf. If you feel that you are a bit rusty or unfit, give yourself the luxury of having a lot of time here to get into fighting shape to tackle the world class waves.


October to April offers smaller but usually cleaner surf. Medewi is special on Bali as it’s still consistent during this part of the year. It’s hotter during this time but the regular rain showers keeps the temperature down and can make the conditions really glassy. There are still some 6-7ft days but most of the time it’s a few feet smaller than that. Perfect for beginner/intermediate and soul surfers. An excellent time to explore different breaks and improve your surfing.

Surf lessons

This is not a surf camp but we absolutely love surfing. If you’re a beginner we can give you an introduction to surfing lesson but if you want many lessons we will hook you up with a local surf guide. If you are an intermediate surfer or above and want to improve your surfing we can arrange professional level training through our friends.


If you’re serious about becoming a better surfer the key elements are time, commitment and of course a lot of stoke. If you stay for at least 2 weeks you will have ample time to improve on some essentials parts in your surfing, both front side and back side. At the start of your stay it usually takes 3-5 days to get your arms and timing up to speed depending on your fitness level. If you want to become a true surf ninja warrior you should stay long, like really long…sell your house, take a sabbatical year from work and go out and surf every day with us.


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